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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but why wait? Let’s turn it GOLD!

G1ve A Buck thanks you for helping us raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, which, for all of our progress, still takes away six children per day, every day. We have all been touched by cancer, and most of us have known children and teens who have bravely waged the battle. Please help us raise awareness by turning social media gold. Together we will help fund the research to find #KidSizeCures. Please post and ask others to join in our efforts.


We thank G1ve A Buck Fund, a benefactor of the Jimmy Fund and a national charity based in Massachusetts and California, for providing these cards that raise awareness. Imagine a donation of a buck a month. Tonight’s crowd alone could generate $500,000 to fund the research we need to save our children. All of us thank you for being a voice for our children.